Taking The Curve (2018)

Genre: Drama | Documentary

Many believers in the Flat Earth community are misunderstood. This motion picture showcases the everyday stories Flat Earth believers experience. Watch Now and learn about our planet and learn why so many people support a theory that Earth is flat.

Starring: Brett Milligan, Max Eberle, Zahra Haji

Released:9 September 2018 (USA)

Runtime: 1 h 6 min


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  2. Rick ( longtime ultravid viewer ) commented:

    One becomes a flat-earther not by choice but by actually trying to disprove a flat earth with tests, experiments, and actual research.
    At least that’s what happened to me, I took a laser went to a Pond in Plymouth ma a pond over a mile long. “THE LASER STAYED AT THE SAME HEIGHT ALL THE WAY ACROSS A GLASS CALM BODY OF WATER”
    Not by parroting what the mainstream says